Fermented Serrano Garlic

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Organic Serrano Peppers

Groundswell Farm in Santa Cruz, CA

Organic Garlic

 Christopher Ranch in Gilroy, CA

It all started with Serrano here at Raw Sauce. 

This is our favorite everyday sauce. Fermentation unveils layered flavor: an initial bright lacto-tang followed by Serrano heat, with a little bit of smokiness on the finish. 

If you’ve never tried Raw Sauce, give our Serrano a try. It’s good on everything.

Customer Reviews

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Get Me Out of This Ward

The beds are uncomfortable and all the caregivers are in white. I thought I hated the war but this might be worse.
Yesterday the bed pan came to me with an orphan rolling around in there. Almost rejected it, but then I thought, why pretend my life has come to anything more than this. C'est la vie.

...at least they have Raw Sauce for me to put on the bland-assed food. White bread for days at lunch and dinner. I never knew meat could be so overcooked. Medium rare is a paradise dream. The Raw Sauce though, that brings it back down a little bit, keeps things chill. I can get behind that. I can get behind Raw Sauce.

3/5 stars.


Peruvian delicious as gold

New favorite hot sauce!

So good, use on everything

This is my new favorite hot sauce!

It's simple but complex, I love the heat and flavor!

Thank You

The second iteration of the Serrano Garlic is simply a treat. We gave feedback, and they listened. Thicker, spicier, and curiously umami - without compromising the flavor palette of V1. I highly recommend this product on any dish.