Raw Sauce is Different

You’ve never tasted something like this.

Most mainstream hot sauce brands use high-acid preservative vinegars. Not us. Raw Sauce uses the process of lacto-fermentation to finesse a more savory depth of flavor.  

Umami - noun - uma·​mi | \ü-ˈmä-mē : a taste sensation that is savory, meaty or brothy in flavor

Fermentation turns raw plant matter into bright, umami rich food.

What was once a bland, spicy pepper has undergone a transformation of flavor. Starches and proteins are broken down into sugars and amino acids--compounds that register with humans as flavorful.

The soil is where it all begins. At Raw Sauce, finding amazing ingredients is key for producing the most flavorful end-product, since we rely on naturally-occurring bacteria to transform raw vegetables into a spicy, tangy condiment. We’ve scoured Northern California for the highest-quality, organic produce, and purchase directly from . Once we’ve gotten our ingredients, all we need is a simple brine and a little time.

Wild Microbiota


Organic Produce


Spiced Brine


Lactic Acid Fermentation

Good sauce takes time

The Noma Guide to Fermentation by René Redzepi and David Zilber defines the process of fermentation as “the transformation of food by microorganisms—whether bacteria, yeasts, or mold”. Ie, the transformation into unparalleled flavor. While conventional sauce companies attempt to mimic the effects of fermentation, no chemical additives can match the endless benefits of awaiting this time-honored process.

When our peppers are added to a salty brine, naturally occurrent, healthy bacteria help to breakdown lengthy sugar and protein chains into simple sugars and amino acids. These simpler entities register on our tongues as delicious, umami sensations.

Consider the way a yummy wine tastes of its terroir: the soil, the topography, the sunshine. Raw Sauce is just the same. Happy California produce, fermented for flavor.