Our Farmers

Essential to Raw Sauce are people dedicated to quality food. 

Full Belly Farm, Guinda

Full Belly Farm is a certified organic farm located in the Capay Valley of Northern California. They are committed to sustainability on all levels, from soil fertility and environmental care, to stable employment for farm workers.

 KashiWase Farms, Winton 

Specializing in stone fruit and nuts, Kashiwase Farms grows the fruit that makes our Peach Habanero so delicious. 

Berkeley Farmers' Market (The Ecology Center)

The Berkeley Ecology Center upholds strict standards for their farmers' market, making it easy to source organic produce. 


Groundswell Farm, Santa Cruz

Run by James Cook and his family, Groundswell Farm is the first farm we worked with, and where we source the majority of our peppers. Cook lives by the motto: "Craft good product, treat people well." Good people, amazing peppers, fire sauce.  

Oya Organics, Hollister

 Starting as a one-woman, one-acre operation, Marsha Habib founded her now twenty-acre farm to serve her community. Certified Organic since 2012, Oya Organics continues to use organic practices to take care of the soil, plants, and people associated with the farm. 

Route 1 Farms, Santa Cruz

Just outside downtown Santa Cruz, and along Waddell Creek, Route 1 Farms have been practicing sustainable agriculture for over 25 years. Their Safe Seed Pledge guarantees our peppers are never genetically modified and are a true representation of the beautiful terroir.