A worthy discovery

It started with family, friends, and food. We wanted a way to quickly add flavor—to everything. 

Folks love it!

 I reach for it at most meal and snack times. Beyond its depth of flavor comes the added bonus of its friendly, gut-hugging bacteria. My taste buds and tummy are happy! Thanks to Alex, George, and the farmers who make Raw Sauce possible


-  M. Allen, Denver CO

On breakfast hashes and in salad dressings, as an addition to homemade hummus, and (dare I say it?!) even added to handful of desserts, there are endless ways to consume Raw Sauce’s probiotic goodness.

-  K. Dryer, Oakland CA

Fermentation for flavor and function

Why your food tastes better with Raw Sauce. 

From seed to sauce

Flavor starts at the source. Raw Sauce relies on the care of responsible California farmers and their vibrant produce.